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Wekfest - Nagoya, Japan

What might be the best car show I attend this year. It had been years since I attended this show. Wow! This show was incredible. First, I...

SEMA 2022 - The Show is Back

SEMA 2021 was a little bit of a let down with the whole pandemic and all it uncertainties that it brought. Last year was probably half...

Wekfest Seattle 2022

Interesting doesn't start to explain my experience at this years Seattle Wekfest. I fully enjoyed myself and ended up with some...

SEMA 2021 - Toyo Treadpass

I've stated it before the Toyo Treadpass is one of my favorite areas of the entire SEMA show. Normally with 20-30 of the best built cars,...

Vid - Wekfest LA 2021

Here is a walkthrough of the 2021 Wekfest in LA. To see further coverage and pics from the show check out my previous article. Enjoy!!

Long Beach Grand Prix 2021

Its funny even though I'm living in Socal and this event is super close, I usually skip the event. Most of the time it's really hot with...

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