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The Chronicles - Best Cars and Coffee Hands Down

I have to admit that if there was only one Cars and Coffee event that I was able to attend this would be it. The meet was lowkey and felt personal, more like a bunch of friends getting together. Special thanks to Joey of The Chronicles ( who was the host of this Cars and Coffee meet. The fact that the address wasn't even disclosed I'm sure kept the turnout just right for the venue.

Speaking of turnout the amount of true RHD JDM cars was incredible. Honda's dominated the meet, for me this was perfect, I was able to get my fill of high quality Honda builds. From the new to the classic NSX to the classic RHD EG and EK Hatch, it was like I was back in Japan hanging out Diakoku PA. I know that's a slight exaggeration but that's how the meetup felt to me.

Driving in I was greeted by a FD2 converted Civic and a couple Type-R's. I knew at that point it was going to be an epic morning. Walking around I was so impressed at the quality of the cars. Art of Attack brought out their RHD EK9 which was just perfect. I also liked seeing the A2 Vtec Club class sticker on the back. I'm going to have to watch out for this car at my next Vtec Club trackday.

Usually at a Cars and Coffee I expect to see a couple cars that I enjoy but for the most part its just a bunch of random people that show. Today felt like a dedicated car show, the cars were mostly Honda's and most were complete builds. Arguable, I guess that it true no car is ever really done, since there always seems like more that can be done by the cars current or future owner.

Outside of all the Honda's there were a few pleasant surprises, a very clean s13 and s14 showed and a really nice gc8 STi. I have to say I would be proud to have any of these in my garage.

I really need to start bringing my Sony A9 home from work on the weekends, I got stuck shooting with my backup Canon m200 camera, which does an ok job but really can't compare to the specs and lens that I have with my A9. Thankfully the little canon was able to keep up with most everything I threw at it, it's definitely limited but for a tiny camera it does good. Next time I'll make sure I have my full-frame Sony with me.

GC8 Subaru was extremely clean and another car I would like own one day. Maybe if I could find a RHD drive one. I'm going to have to look those up. I really want my next set of cars to all be RHD.

It's funny I didn't realize it until later that all the cars were actually classics, there were very few new cars. Most were from the same generation as Project 71-109, with a lot of DC2, EK9 and AP1/2 chassis.

There are plenty of other Cars and Coffee shows that are great, but for me nothing compared to the feel of this meet. Its probably cause it made me feel like I was back in Japan.

The show really motivated me into finding an ending point for Project 71-109. So I'm going to finalize the last few items, finishing up the exterior and the last couple performance items. This should allow me to remain competitive within the race groups I'm in and also allow me to move forward with getting my next car. Which of course it will have to be a RHD.

Stay tuned to see how Project 71-109 turns out. With a handful of track days left this season and an even crazier amount planned for next year. It's going to make for a fun time.

Everything Else.. Enjoy!


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