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SEMA 2022 - The Show is Back

SEMA 2021 was a little bit of a let down with the whole pandemic and all it uncertainties that it brought. Last year was probably half...

SEMA 2021 - Toyo Treadpass

I've stated it before the Toyo Treadpass is one of my favorite areas of the entire SEMA show. Normally with 20-30 of the best built cars,...

2019 - A Year In Review

2019 was an incredible year, its hard to believe that we've closed out another year. I've put together a few shots from this year. Not...

SEMA 2019 - Part 4 - USDM

Lets take a look at some of the Domestic offerings at the 2019 SEMA show. With SEMA catering more towards domestic manufacture...

SEMA 2019 - Day 4 Preview

SEMA 2019 Day 4 The marathon that is SEMA is over and the 4th and final day was a full sprint to the end. Over the last 3 days I was able...

SEMA 2019 - Day 3 Preview

SEMA Day 3. Started the day super early, heading straight to the Optima Batteries Street Car Ally to check out where they have a large...

SEMA 2019 - Day 2 Preview

The plan for day 2 was to get an early start and knockout the exteror displays before 9am when they allow access to the main halls. I...

SEMA 2019 - Day 1 Preview

Just a teaser of things to come SEMA the greatest display of all things automotive in one place. Here are a few of my favorites from day...

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