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SEMA 2019 - Part 1 - The Year of the Supra

The 2019 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show at the Las Vegas Convention Center was dominated by the new Supra and its hard not to talk about the Supra, it was everywhere.

Front and center at the main entrance of the Central Hall.

It was nice to see these 2 MK4 Supra's sitting proud amounst the overwhelming flood of new Supra's

Vendors of suspensions, intakes, exhausts, brakes and what seemed like everything else in between showed off parts and their support for the new Supra.

The largest display was at the Toyota booth with at least a dozen different tuned and stock optioned. I found that the variations that were on display in the overflow display area outside were the more conservative "Tuner" style builds.

Like most of the vendors R1 Concepts had a widebody kitted Supra.

Mackin Industries always has an impressive display with Rays and Yokohama wheels on display. Of course they had a Supra on display but they also had a great mix of other cars, from the Model 3 Tesla, Roush Mustang, GTR, STI, EVO and a BMW M4 all sporting the lastest and greatest.

On air was the most popular with most dumped sitting on the floor

For the winner and something a little different.

The Greddy 2JZ swapped drift car was perfect one of my favorites at the show. Its hard not to love a purpose built race car this clean.

TJ Hunt's Streethunter looking like a stealth fighter in the Magnaflow booth.

The Toyota booth had so many Supra's they had to display a handful outside.

Sporting HKS livery

The Toyota booth had a nice variety of race prepped, concept and tuned versions

With so many part manufacturers supporting the new Supra there should be no shortage of options for those looking to build one.

Everything Else. Enjoy!


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