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SEMA 2019 - Part 5 - Japanese Cars

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

With so many unique builds I have to separate the Japanese coverage into a 2 parts. Starting off in the Honda booth the S800 "Outlaw" build stole all the attention from the the rest of the Honda cars. Honda did a good job and stepped it up this year going back to some of their cars from yesteryear.

It's always good to see a true Japanese RHD car in the US. This widebody S13 ticked all the boxes.

Varis kitted STI and GTR in the Rays/Yokohama booth

What a great combination, a NA Miata with a supercharged F20c swap. High revving with plenty of power makes this a little track monster.

Liberty Walk GTR is pretty much the norm of how most of the GTR's are displayed. It's rare to find a GTR still wearing its stock fenders.

I could have done an entire post on just blue painted cars. Blue was definitely the popular color this year. The shade on this Rx7 with the carbon and black accents was pure perfection.

Another widebody GTR, switching it up this time with a Benspora kit. Blue on gold is a killer combination and this GTR looked great against the black background of the VIAIR booth.

As previously stated the 2019 SEMA show was the year of the Supra, see Part 1 coverage for full coverage of all the Supra's at this year show.

Real Time Racing NSX, I really wish they brought out more of the Real Time Racing cars I always enjoyed watching them at the track and would have loved to have seen their race Integra parked next to a stock/modified ITR.

Beams w/ ITB's in a pristine Hachiroku was one of the cleanest swaps of the show.

Honda showing off their Si on a set of SSR wheels.

More SEMA and coverage coming with Part 6 - Japanese car cont.


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