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SEMA 2019 - Closing Out The Show

The 2019 SEMA Show may be over but there are many builders and manufactures already working on their plans and projects for 2020 SEMA Show. So the question I have is: Should I attempt to cover the entire show again next year?

Do you think the 2020 Corvette will have the same impact at next years show as the Supra did this year? and will the Supra have as much support at next years show or fall off the radar? For me, its not always about the newest or the current "it" car and although I do enjoy seeing the support that these vehicles receive from the aftermarket community, for me its about the older imports and euros.

I love to see who swapped what into an old Honda, BMW or etc. The M3 below with the LS swap and a set of pipes looking like a Kraken reaching out from the depths below. How cool is it that enthusiasts can take a car that's been around and modified for more then 30 years and still surprise us.

10 years ago when I attended my first SEMA show the show was dominated by domestic cars and hot rods with the odd import that would pop up outside of the manufactures display areas. In the last couple of years there seems to be a shift where there are imports and euros throughout the entire show. Is this a change in the aftermarket and automotive industry? We'll see if SEMA show continues this direction.

Liberty Walk, RWB and the likes, who will be the one to come out with the next big trend. We'll see what the 2020 TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) has to offer next month.

With so many top builders and new up-and-coming stars the automotive industry will continue to grow and SEMA is where all artists get to display their skills. It doesn't matter if their canvas is shaping metal or airbrushing SEMA is the venue for them to show off their vision.

Did anyone else have the old Yokohama BMW M3 poster hanging in there room as a kid. Mine was right next to a poster of the Real Time Racing ITR. Hopefully Yokohama will expand on this display and continue to bring out more of these iconic race cars next year.

Factory Five makes some of the coolest and well sorted "build-it-yourself" kit cars, whether you want a rolling chassis to put together in your garage or a complete turn key car. The chassis below is for their concept F9R supercar with the option to run a 750hp v12ls motor. Between F9R and their '35 Hot Rod Truck I would be happy to fill my garage with one of each.

We'll see how the industry continues to grow over the next year and what the 2020 SEMA show will surprise us with next year.

Till Next Year. Enjoy!!


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