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SEMA 2019 - Part 3 - Exotics & Euros

At SEMA if you want to see the rarest of the exotic builds all you have to do is head straight to the South Hall and into the wheel and tire section.

As with this Porsche, the use of shipping containers as a display was a theme that ran through this years SEMA show. Yokohama had a huge double set of stacked containers displaying their race cars and at the entrance of the Main Hall SEMA used a half container as a background for their sign.

Volk TE37's always look perfect, doesn't matter what car they are on.

What else besides an exotic would be in the BBS booth for their 50th anniversary. The 570s McLaren sports a set of FI-R wheels on one side and LM on the other.

A pair of RWB Porsche's on display in the Adams Polishes booth. I just missed seeing these being built a couple weeks earlier at Adams Polishes in Orange County.

2002 with a huge set of fender flares and a M3 swap.

Button built 328 Ferrari that was on display in the Toyo Tires booth at last years SEMA

Not just another Lamborghini Huracan. This one's changing the game with a swapped LS twin turbo and a manual trans.

What doesn't a LS swap fit in. Check out the exhaust work on the E30 BMW in the Meguiar's booth.

Stay tunes for more coverage from the 2019 SEMA Show

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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