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SEMA 2021 - Toyo Treadpass

I've stated it before the Toyo Treadpass is one of my favorite areas of the entire SEMA show.

Normally with 20-30 of the best built cars, I could literally spend an entire day just taking in these builds.

Not much needs to be said about this LS-swapped Twin-Turbo Delorean. This build was so interesting. One that they picked a car like the Delorean but they made it so cool. Some mods were brought up to the current trend, like the LS swap with other touches like the head and taillights. Everything about this car was just cool and this was just one of the many examples that the Treadpass had this year.

This year again had some of the coolest cars. One of which I think everyone has seen at this point was the all carbon R32 by Garage Active. Just a couple pics since this car is absolutely everywhere on the internet now. What I find interesting is this isn't the first all carbon R32 I've seen by Garage Active. I remember seeing one of their cars a couple years ago at the Tokyo Auto Salon back in 2019. For some reason that car got nowhere near the media coverage the R32 at SEMA has received.

The Treadpass was always crammed with a ton of people and once the sun came up it made it extremely hard to shoot anything. There were a couple cars like the Time Attack 2JZ powered GS300. This car had a none stop crowd, I was lucky enough to get a couple clean shots. The GS300 like the Delorean was just a couple of the unexpected cars non main stream cars that were on display.

A widebody, 3 rotor, 1,100hp FD Rx7 what else can you ask for. This would be exactly what I would love to run at the track. Admittedly 1,100hp is probably a little too much for me at the track but the FD chassis has been moving further up my list of cars I want to own. The only thing I would have changed on this FD would have been the side of the car the steering wheels was on. Otherwise it was absolutely perfect.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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