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SEMA 2021 -The Biggest Aftermarket Show Was Back - Kinda

So last year we lost out on the SEMA show or the Specialty Equipment Market Association or basically where most companies and builders first debut their creations.

SEMA is like competing in an Iron Man race this year I only attended the first 2 days and those 2 days consisted of walking more then 12 miles and shooting from sun up to sun down. All of that and I still missed stuff.

SEMA is suppose to be a social get together for companies, shops and retailers to all meet and make deals, which one of these days I'll get to do, maybe. For 2021 it was earbuds in and straight to work.

I started both days early getting to the show at 7am to try and shoot as many of the cars on the outside as possible before the sun was a blaze, then transitioning inside once the show officially opened at 9am.

There are a couple sections that are a must. I always start outside with the Optima Street Challenge Cars which this year was behind the South Hall. I was happy to see more Imports mixed in with all the muscle cars that normally dominate.

Central Hall is a given and where most of the big companies are located. This year like everything else was a little different with multiple vendors that normally have large booths with multiple cars reduced to just a handful of products and no cars on display. IT was very weird to walk through a find huge sections where vendors would normally be turned into a lunch are with a bunch of tables in an attempt to fill the empty space.

Off of Center Hall is my favorite area again a little smaller then normal but no less impressive. The Toyo Treadpass is always perfection and this year was filled with some of the best cars of the entire show.

I wish the teams that set up the booth would consult with media or photographers cause although the booths look extremely impressive sometimes the lighting just absolutely destroys any chance of getting a really good photo. I know we are all suppose to be there more for the products on display, but really its more about the car for a lot of us.

So Vegas was busy over the last year and build a whole new West Hall which spanned like 3 blocks. The new space was crazy, it housed the trucks, offroad/overlanding and the restyling portions of the show. The area ended up being a weird mix of huge trucks and exotics since most of the tint and wrap vendors had the Mclarens and Lambo's in their booths.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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