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SEMA 2021 - Some Favorites

Here's a list of some of my favorite cars or shots from this years show.

There were literally thousands of cars with each having something special about them and for me the shots aren't only of my cars of the show but in some cases just a pic that came out really good.

TJ Hunts, Sheepey built Huracan with its perfect exterior painted a British Green. I took pics of the front, the wheels and the custom exhaust but of all the pics I really like this shot between the wing of the engine.

The color of the Ferrari I think is what got me most, that and it was in a booth the an AMG GT and a I8 race car. One of my absolute favorites from the show was of course in the Toyo Treadpass area.

The 3-Rotor Rx-7 was my absolute favorite of the show. 1,100hp with functional aero and the color. I know there was an all carbon R32 basically right next to it (other side of the tire display to be exact) but this car kept pulling my attention.

Love or hate it the new 86/BRZ is here. I personally like the rear end of the car a little bit more then the front in stock form. A bodykit and aero really makes a huge difference on this car. It completely transforms the look into a car I'd be proud to drive.

My Sony a9 did most of the work here but this shot I was more excited about since I only had my 35mm at the time and was nowhere close to the action. Thankfully I was able to punch in close enough to get more than a few good shots of the action.

Ok, so I have a thing for the Rx7 but its hard not to, this classic car still holds up to any of the modern cars for styling and its rotary engine just sounds so good.

Everything Else.. Enjoy!!


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