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SEMA 2019 - Part 6 - Japanese Cars Cont.

Besides the never ending selection of Supra's, there were so many other imports representing at this year's 2019 SEMA Show.

With the Japanese cars filling more booths over the years it shows how much the import aftermarket has continued to grow.

With continued support for the older 90's cars which like this 300zx. While most are still affordable they now turning into a classic collector car.

There was no denying the popularity of the new Supra, but will it have the staying power of the previous generation. As the aftermarket continues to support the new Supra we will see if it destined to become a new classic for Toyota.

The 86 with it FR layout should continue to be Toyota's entry level sports car prepping customers for the trade up to the Supra but will the 86 continue to maintain it sales numbers or will enthusiasts just skip the 86 and jump directly into the new Supra.

The 86 would benefit greatly from a turbo, something to bring it into the 300hp realm where it could compete with the other manufactures. It has the potential hopefully Toyota won't forget about it with all the hype revolving around the new Supra.

Yokohama in my opinion should win a Booth of the Year award for its display this year. Their use of shipping containers to display previous race cars was amazing. It was also a nice touch on the rally STI to leave half still covered in dirt only cleaning half of the car.

AWD 4 Rotor RX-7. I love to see see builds of pure passion like this crazy Mazda. I'll take a build like this over a new car with a bodykit slapped on it anytime.

I went back to visit this RX-7 multiple times over the 4 days of SEMA to admire the workmanship of this build.

I'll close this out post by saying that this was my favorite of all my years I've attended the SEMA show due to the variety of all the import builds that were on display this year and I can't wait to see what next year has to offer us.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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