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SEMA 2019 - Part 2 - Toyo Tires Treadpass

The Toyo Tires Treadpass section at SEMA always has the very best selection of cars. I found myself returning to the Toyo booth section that spanned the walkway area between the Main and South Halls.

The Sheepey built Liberty Walk Lambo, like most of the cars in the Treadpass area was a work of art.

The 190e was one of my favorites, again running a Twin Turbo setup with the exhaust exiting through both fenders with a DTM style kit.

At the entrance to Toyo's Treadpass I was greeted by this beautiful and very rare Hakosuka Skyline with a RB swap, this was just an introduction of things to come.

The Button built 355 Twin Turbo Ferrari had the largest crowd with multiple camera and media crews trying to get their shots with all the people swarming around the car.

The level of detail, the quality of the builds and the variety of vehicles made this the best section to hangout and enjoy everything from a Civic Hatch to TJ Hunts widebody Ferrari.

Widebody 86 Hachiroku looking like it was just dipped in pure gold and with a perfectly swapped Beams motor.

The Honda Civic Hatch was sitting proud and holding its own amounst all the exotics, twin turbos and other builds.

The highlight for me was finding the TRA Kyoto RHD S13 just sitting by itself next to the entrance of the South Hall. It was fun watching the surprise on everyone's face as they walked across the bridge and found this Nissan just chilling.

Stay tuned for more SEMA coverage.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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