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Wekfest LA 2021 - Getting Back to Normal

Wekfest LA was back and was a refreshing change from the normal cars and Coffee and meetup. It was so nice to finally have a well organized indoor car show. Thankfully Wekfest LA didn't disappoint.

It was like everyone that had worked on there car during the last 2 years finally had an outlet to showoff their new build/project. Most all the cars at the show were full builds with very few looking incomplete.

There were only a handful of cars that have been around but for the most part they were fresh builds. As I've said with some of the resent shows I'm always excited to see more and more RHD drive cars. Wekfest had multiple R32 thru R34 skylines on display with a couple S-Chassis's mixed in. With every year that passes we get more JDM gems that we are able to import.

Joey from the Chronicles brought out the LJ Garcia’s civic they rescued. For me this was really I treat because as I kid I remember first seeing this car when it was debuted. The car shows it age and how it was neglected over the years, which is what happens to a lot of these show cars, rarely do they survive unless they make it into someones personal collection.

Wekfest LA always has a nice mix of everything from RHD, Stanced, Exotics to Trucks. Everything was grouped and organized well and their choice of DJ was really good. The DJ was fire.

From the amount of attendee's I seems like everyone else was ready for a good car show. The early entry group was a few hundred people deep, this allowed those that wanted to pay a little extra to get in 1 hour before they opened the door for everyone. For me once things just got too busy once they open the show for general admissions with people crowding around everything. At that point it was time for me to bail.

Wekfest is the first of three back to back to back weekends for shows. JCCS is next then SEMA so this was a great start to things that will hopefully get us back to normal.

It's overall been a pretty disappointing year for us car enthusiasts and at the time of writing this I've just gotten back from SEMA which I'll drop an article on very soon.

You can see there was plenty to do and see at this years LA Wekfest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to open up especially Japan. In just a couple months it'll be January and time for the Tokyo Auto Salon for which I've already got my flight, so again fingers crossed.

I've posted vids for both Wekfest and JCCS on YouTube and again I hope this is the start to get us back to some sort of normalcy within the car community and away from all these takeovers that are really hurting and bringing a bad spotlight on what car culture is all about.

Closing the show out with a few of my favorites that are true classics. The 90s-00s to me will always hold a special place in my heart. Not sure if I should blame Gran Turismo, Hot Version DVD's or just the Old School publication like Super Street and D Sport but I'm always going to love these cars and at this point in my life it time to start building my collection.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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