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JCCS 2021 - Same Show New Location

JCCS or the Japanese Classic Car Show is for pre 1995 cars and typically held in Long Beach. This year being a little different the show was forced to find a new venue and ended up in the parking lot of Angels Stadium. Over the years the show has continued to grow and is a major event that shouldn't be missed. Normally the event is held in Long Beach and for some reason its always 90+ degrees out. This year like everything else like everything else going on was a little different.

One thing that didn't change though was the outrageous line to get in. Arriving 30mins before the show was scheduled to open had at least 1000 people already waiting in line. For some reason the organizers can't find an efficient way to get everyone into the show.

Once you were able to finally get in, the shear size of the show was more then a little daunting. I walked into the parking lot area of the show, went left and got to work. With so many high quality builds it was hard not to get caught up and lose myself just looking at all the details of a single build.

Each car has different personality, a different feel. Some were restored back to OEM and when I say OEM they looked factory fresh, like they just rolled out the factory line. Others, thankfully were modified and that's where I end up losing so much of my time. I'm always in awe with the amount of time and the attention to detail spent by all these owners.

The 2nd Gen CRX will always be one of my favorite car. There were more then a handful this year on display. JCCS always spurs that inner kid in me that wants to own another CRX and with all the RHD, Stock and full track prepped examples it definitely got me thinking. The power to weight ratio in the CRX just made them so much fun. I'm not sure why I haven't already imported a RHD CRX, I really think it would be fun to have a RHD SiR to mess around with or even daily.

This years JCCS definitely got me thinking about my next build. My top three after walking through the show would have to be a GTR, FD RX7 or a RHD Honda, something like a CRX or an EG6. I think the GTR is going to have to be first before prices are get too outrageous.

Overall I enjoyed getting to see all the Japanese classes but the show was missing something. when the show was in Long Beach all the cars were parked in a large grass area, the cars were grouped to gather better and overall area was smaller which forced everyone together. Now its not often you'll hear me say that a smaller overflowing venue was better suited then a huge parking lot but in this case that exactly what this show was missing. The parking lot of Angles Stadium was just so massive you could have doubled or tripled the amount of cars and still had plenty of room.

Each group of cars was like a separate show, you'd look through the 86's have to walk 20 or so yards to the Skylines then another 20 yard walk to the S-Chassis. Everything just felt disconnected. In the end though the cars were 1st class, A+ plus builds so that's all that really matters and if next year they end up staying at Angles Stadium, I along with the 1000's of other people will still attend the show.

Skylines everywhere. It was great to see all the generations represented at this years show. Top Rank even had there R33 400R on display, which if you don't know how rare the car is, I'll guess it'll probably sell for around 2 million or more.

I'll close it out with a few more of my favorite Skyline's from this years JCCS.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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