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Cars and Coffee - The New Car Show

In Socal, every Saturday and Sunday morning is reserved for a quick car meet up better known as Cars and Coffee. The idea of Cars and Coffee is nothing new, but the size and frequency is what's grown. In some cases into a full blown business with venues charging entry fee's. Just like any full car show.

Now some of the Cars and Coffee events I attend have a set schedule of once a month on a specific Saturday or Sunday and the turn outs are crazy. One local Cars and Coffee Classics in Anaheim actually themes their once a month meet.

For me its interesting that Cars and Coffee has transformed from what used to be 20-30 cars if you were lucky to 100-200 cars. Now I'm not complaining I'll take as many cars as I can see in the 2 to 3 hours that the morning get together lasts.

Now this trend doesn't even take into account all the pop-up events that take place almost nightly during the week. These shows are typically reserved to a different type of crowd. normally those looking to 2-step and show off how loud or how many donuts they can do.

The Cars and Coffee crowds are normally a quiet meet. Maybe its an age thing but I do enjoy meeting up with friends and other car enthusiasts and literally drinking some coffee while talking about all sorts of car stuff.

Lately my Cars and Coffee meet ups have turned into a whole day thing. Where I'll meet with some guys in the morning cruise to another spot, which usually turns into another meet spot, lunch and then some more cruising or heading over someones garage to work on a car.

Recently that's been my garage since I broke my GTR, lol

In Socal there are so many different types of Cars and Coffee meets I've had to start a spreadsheet just to keep up that way I don't miss anything. With any weekend offering between 2 to 5 different Cars and Coffee events.

Again no complaint from me, I'm always down to shoot cars and talk with the like minded. I never know who I'm going to meet or what new connection I might make. I've been able to join Skyline groups, track groups, canyon runners, photographers and shop owners.

The industry is always growing but in many ways it just circled back to its roots. I can't wait to see where the industry goes.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!!


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