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Long Beach Grand Prix 2021

Its funny even though I'm living in Socal and this event is super close, I usually skip the event. Most of the time it's really hot with very little shade, no real place to shoot on track pics and it also requires a ton of walking to get to the different sections of the track and lastly I don't really have a lot of interest in Formula type race cars. What brought me out this time was to get a look at the Global Time Attack cars, since this is a series that truly interests me. Between those, the IMSA cars and considering how few events I've been able to attend this year I figures why not.

Covid vaccine check. Guessing this is going to be the new norm we're going to have to deal with.

Its so hard to get good track photos, this was shot through a tear in the fence covering on one of the walkway bridges over the track. It was funny cause there was a queue to use the hole which everyone lined up for to take a couple pics or short vid.

This was one of the few spots where I was able to shoot through just one fence. must of the time its doubled fenced and near impossible to get a clean shot. The event does sell and special photographers ticket which gives you access to a couple unobstructed platforms to shoot from but those are very expensive and limited a don't really give you the access to the real action spots that the real media gets to shoot from.

More steps, its like a maze to get around the road course. Now that I'm done venting about some of the negatives, the event is actually a really diverse event with everything from Indycars to Trophy Trucks and of course the Formula D drifting event.

After a quick walk around the track to take a couple pics and grab some food from one of the food trucks it was time to walkthrough the interior Lifestyle Expo where the vendors were selling automotive goods and manufactures had their vehicles on display and as a bonus the Global Time Attack cars were parked between their run sessions.

BMW had a cool booth with a small display of some of their factory prepped race cars. It would be fun to just go down to my local dealer and order a full track car, must people don't realize that manufactures offer these programs where you can order a full track prepped car that is legal to race in most sanctioned events.

The Global Time Attack section is where I spent most of time. With almost unobstructed access to the cars, drivers and staff it was perfect to get an up close look and talk shop with the different race teams.

If you're familiar with the series or time attack events, this is where a lot of the industry has headed to vs trying to make a name in SCCA or NASA events, although there is a lot of crossover for the drivers. The GTA series seems a lot more attainable cost wise, that is if you're fast enough.

Randy Pobst seemed more then happy to spend time talking with fans. Everytime I walked by he was in full conversation with a different a group of people.

I hope that the Time Attack Series continues to grow and becomes as large as it is in Japan and other parts of the world. My next build is going to have to be a true Time Attack car. The question is what to build, all I know is it'll have to be RHD.

I really appreciate that this series is still grassroots enough that there is still time to have your friends and family (insert F&F meme here) around you.

I'll end things with a very stock Ap1 that I passed on the way back to my car.

Everything Else... Enjoy!!


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