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Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 - Part 1

Day 1 in Japan. Lets start it with the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. TAS was a completely awesome event and an incredible way to get 2020 started. TAS has always been a crazy mix of wild builds, girls and mobs of people there enjoying both. Ever year I attend there is something new or a build that surprises me and this year didn't disappoint.

Here is an example of of the amount of people that attended the show... crazy right? Let me take a second to explain the wonderful enigma that is Japan. With this entire crowd of people there was barley any noise, no one was really talking and there was absolutely no chaos. It was no different then riding the train at rush hour. Sure, everyone was jammed together like sardines but everyone was respectful to those around... Gotta love Japan

Sorry, back to the cars. The display booths were just awesome with most manufacturers displaying the most epic cars to represent their products. Toyo had a couple of perfect examples in their booth.

Gotta love the Hiace van in the Falken booth.

The wheel and tire company's really crushed it on their booths this year. Just like the 2019 SEMA show the new Supra was everywhere at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Prototype and new wheels by Work, Enkei and Volk can't wait to start seeing these make it to builds in the US.

Its hard to highlight only a few cars since there really wasn't a bad car at the show. The closer you looked the more you'd find something customized in a new way.

Check out the swap.

Jun like the other parts company's had their new offerings on display.

The Top Secret R32 with a full R35 swap.

Including dash. It was perfect!!

NATS (Nihon Automobile High Technical School) they always bring out something different for their builds. Can you guess what these cars started life as.

R31 House had their new Q60 drift car on display.

Everywhere you look at the show is a sensory overload of pure automotive pleasure. TAS is by far a bucket list show to attend and the best way to start 2020.

It was nice to see that more options released for the Supra. The Tom's setup was clean.

Something a little different. It was cool to find this extremely widebody GTI on display in the BMC Air Filter booth.

Liberty Walk had a huge booth that overflowed into an additional display area.

The Boom Craft booth wasn't shy about showing off their Star Dropper exhausts during the show. Taking turns bouncing the revs of the limiter.

Friday went by so fast. I continued to shoot as many cars as I could until I was escorted out. In the most polite and friendly manner that only comes with being in Japan.

This was just the start of the show and a crazy week in Japan.

Everything Else for now. Enjoy!!


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