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The Chronicles Year11 Car Meet

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

This years show took place days before the start of the SEMA show. I'm sitting here, just hours away from jumping on a plane to Vegas for SEMA and I'm still thinking about how much I enjoyed this years show put on by The Chronicles.

Greeting you at the entrance was this beautiful RHD Honda Odyssey. There were a few RHD examples representing at the show.

The Chronicles Year11 show had an upscale Cars and Coffee feel. A relaxed atmosphere with groups hanging out, talking cars. There were handful of vendors, a food truck and a DJ, all of which were on point. It was a very social meet

Had to revisit this 4 door Hakosuka with an RB swap multiple times throughout the day, just standing there admiring how prefect it looked painted a deep purple.

There were a couple really clean Subies at the show, but the show was dominated by the Honda crowd.

A few perfectly built EG and EK examples

FD2 converted Civic Sedan with a bunch of Mugen goodies.

I'm going to have to close it at this point (1 hour to get the airport). I'm Going to be posting from SEMA so stay tuned for the craziness that is the SEMA show.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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