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Sunday Drive - Angeles Crest Highway

Sometimes its just about going for a drive.

There is nothing better then just going for a a fun drive, hanging out with friends and talking with other like minded people. On this day, I also had the honor of meeting the owner of the this Porsche 911, Mr. Magnus Walker. What a cool guy.

It always nice to see a GTR and this R32 on Nismo wheels was a clean example. There was a great mix of everything, as good any Car's and Coffee I've attending this year.

SoCal has plenty of great mountain roads and on those days you just feel like getting out to enjoy a scenic drive, ACH has it all. Reminds me of the touge roads in Japan, driving the Hakone Turnpike and hanging at Daikanzan observatory....

Time to plan another trip to Japan.

Newcombs Ranch was our stopping point today for lunch. After a few hours, which included eating a solid meal and scoping out all the bikes and cars It was time to get back out and enjoy the fresh air and open road.

If you're a bike fan there was plenty see, stock to race and even choppers.

All the rest. Enjoy!


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