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Japan Trip - Coming Soon

So with the whole lockdown and reopening thing I've been trying to wait patiently, key word is trying. But now that Japan is back to open its now time to go back. One of the best times to visit at least for pure JDM cars stuff is in January for the Tokyo Auto Salon. This will be my 3rd.... 4th time going. It's like SEMA only pure JDM and one of the best car shows you can attend in Japan. This year I'll be doing TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) for 2 of the 3 days and then renting a car and running around Kanto region (Tokyo and Surrounding area) of Japan.

The current plan is to rent a fun car.

Drive a bunch of fun touge roads (Initial D Locations)

Visit a bunch of Shops

and of course hit as many car related locations as possible like the famous Daikoku PA

Now what's going to make this even more fun and interesting is that this will be the first time I'm going to be a Tour Guide... Well Kinda. On this trip I have a friend that will going along with me and it'll be his first time traveling to Japan. Its funny because I always offer all my friends and buddies the chance to tag along but up until now no-one has ever taken me up on it. So this trip is going to be extra fun, I absolutely love Japan and this time I get to do all the JDM Car stuff with someone else that enjoys cars and the JDM culture like I do.

This time around my normal spreadsheet just wouldn't cut it so I build the entire trip in a program called Notion which included maps, links, pics and anything/everything I could find.

I've mapped out and plan to drive multiple Initial D locations, which are some of the most epic roads in Japan and the real life locations used for the Anime.

I also have an entire day of visiting different shops and of course some of the most epic scenic views with Mt. Fuji as the backdrop that you can only get to by car.

January is quickly approaching and I can't wait to finally get back and enjoy Japan. You guys stay tuned for all the fun.


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