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STI Gallery - Mitaka Japan

Once again I found myself at another epic location. This time looking at some of the coolest and rarest Subaru racecars I've ever seen. The STI Gallery is located in Mitaka, Japan which was a short drive from Tokyo where I was based for this trip.

The STI Gallery is located on the second floor of the Subaru dealership and houses a handful of really impressive racecars and one very rare production car.

The vehicles are rotated but upon entering I was greeted by the Legacy rally car driven by the late Colin McRae and a few STI's.

Around the corner from the racecars was the one and only production on display. In truth it was the only one I needed to see. I was a an ultra rare 22B in factory fresh condition with the plaque stating it was production number 000/000 and it was perfect.

Back to the racecars they had a handful on display that ran through the different generations pretty well. The best part was that they were all unlocked and you could open them up and even sit in them.

The cars were all set to the backdrop of a wall of trophies and a display of diecast versions in Subaru's racing history.

Another Colin McRae vehicle was a race version of the production 22B. It was very impressive to see these 2 cars sitting next to eachother.

For any Subaru or Rally fan the STI Gallery is a must see if you are staying in the Tokyo or Yokohama area and it was like most of the other shops I visited where there are a few really great vehicles on display. Just like the Nismo Omori Factory or Spoon Sports.

I will have to visit the STI Gallery the next time I'm in Tokyo.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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