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Something Different - Attending a Barrett Jackson Auction

Reading through my feed I saw that the Barrett Jackson Auction was coming to Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay) so a couple days before that auction was to begin I decided. Why not

Now with no intention on bidding I feared that I might not see enough cars to justify the trip. After reading through the docket of what cars were going to going through the block on the final day again I figured. Why not

Upon entering I was in awe at the amount and quality of the vehicles. Rows on rows of cars were perfectly lined up and all the cars that wee sold over the previous days were still on display along with a sticker stating what they sold for.

So instead of a few cars that I expected to see I was now exposed to what I can best describe as a mini SEMA, it felt like the size of main (Central) hall at SEMA.

Time to get to work

The Ford GT went for 1.54mil

There were a few minty S2000 examples going for as much as 45k

The Supra was another car that is now starting to gain more popularity amongst collectors due to the low number of unmolested examples. I still surprised that I'm not seeing more RHD variants making there way into the shows. I only saw 1 R32 GTR that was brought and sold.

This was one of a handful of Bentley Coupes that were sold. This had less then 40k miles and sold for 45k. I'll make you reconsider before shopping for a new car when you drive out with a like new Bentley for the cost of a BMW or Acura.

I always loved these old GMC's, the Typhoon and the truck version Cyclone.

If I was bidding this CTS-V that was built for the 2016 SEMA show would have been on my short list selling for under 60k.

The show was dominated by extremely high class built domestics, but there was plenty of other cars to see including a group of cars owed by the late Paul Walker. If you have the opportunity to attend a Barrett Jackson auction don't hesitate.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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