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SEMA - Optima Street Cars

Optima Street Cars - Where form and function make some of my favorite cars at SEMA. Every year Optima puts together a contest for street legal cars (and trucks) to complete against each for not only an invite to attend the SEMA show but also to compete in the final event, which takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway following the conclusion of SEMA.

Judging is broken up into 5 categories, I'll touch on each of categories that each participant scores points on.

1. Design and Engineering

This is where the vehicles will be judged on the styling and performance modifications that add to the look and function of .

2. Road and Rally

This is where they require the vehicles to drive from point A to B. No trailer queens or support vehicles. The route may include obstacles like speed bumps or require the vehicles to make u-turns.

3. Speed-Stop

This is a down a back timed run. They will drive through a slalom to a turn around and back through the slalom ending at the start/stop box.

4. Autocross

This I'm sure is where most people start competing in organized racing. Autocrossing is a safe and fun place to work on your driving skills and a place to test and tune your vehicle. Th a timed event driving through a course made from cones usually in a very large parking lot.

5. Road Course

The ultimate test of driver and vehicle. The next step up from Autocrossing. This is where you get to test your driving skills and the total performance of the vehicle.

Each of the 5 categories has a full set of rules with a breakdown on how specific points will be assessed. This is a great competition where owners are able to build, drive and compete with their street legal vehicles.


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