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SEMA - Japanese Cars

SEMA is so large its best to break it up into sections. So this will be dedicated to the JDM cars. The SEMA show as always was dominated by USDM cars, with endless vendors showing off the newest parts for new and old muscle cars. But every now and then, you get to find that gem, or in the case of the Hakosuka (title pic) a diamond . Don't get me wrong I fully appreciate the muscle cars but the JDM cars are where my heart is.

This year the Honda Civic Type-R had a strong presence. Suspension, Clutch and other manufacturers were all showing off their parts on the Type-R.

Going through the show Honda didn't have a very strong presence. Even in the Honda manufacturer section it was mainly racecars a had very few tuned examples of their vehicles, especially when compared to Hyundai.

It's always nice to find a true skyline (not a R35) no matter which generation. I was surprised to only find a few JDM RHD examples.

The Toyo Tire Treadpass area as always was great, with wonderful examples of not only JDM cars (see upcoming posts) but some really different and impressive builds

Maybe SEMA could put together a section for Japanese Tuning Companies, add a JDM section where all the companies catering to the Japanese Market could show off their parts. It would be great to see Tuners like Spoon, Signal Auto, MCR, Mines and Etc. to have booths at SEMA. Take a portion of TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) and drop it into the SEMA.

Toyota had an excellent display with modified examples of their Corolla and the display of stock Supra's, it was amazing to see all the generations lined up.

To end this segment of JDM cars a nice DC2 Integra with a JDM front end.

All the rest


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