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Rays Tribute Car Meet 2018

November 11, 2018 - Orange County, CA

This is my first time attending the Rays Tribute Car Meet. Moving forward this show will have a dedicated spot on my calendar. This was a great show with a parking lot full of high quality built vehicles.

Their were examples of new, old and imported cars, all sporting Rays wheels (as required to attend the show). From the Honda camp, there were a few Type-R Civic's, a couple street/race NSX's along with a handful of older Honda Civic's, Preludes and Accords.

It's becoming more common to see a R32 Skyline or even a R33. Its always a real treat when you get to see a clean R34, and not just any R34 but a fully race prepped, battle ready one.

The in-house photo studio was just big enough to angle a car. For the event they had the Super Street Toyota Corolla that was built for this years SEMA show.

Everything else.


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