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Nissan Heritage Museum - Zama, Japan

The ultimate collection of Nissan's in one place. The Nissan Heritage Museum in located just outside of Tokyo and just a short drive to see some of the most epic production and race cars.

So a visit will take a little pre-planning, the biggest thing is that you have to apply for your ticket, which is free but you will need to have your application accepted for a specific date and time that is available.

Everything was super organized and controlled starting off with a sign-in and a quick intro vid before they open the roll up garage door and let the fun begin.

I had seen photo's and vid's, so I thought I knew what to expect but it is really hard to prepare yourself for the amount of mint production and racecars (excluding the rally cars). At

At first I was like 300+ cars in 2 hours, No problem. Was I wrong. I was running at the end trying to see and shoot everything. Time went by so fast I barely had time to really enjoy what was displayed.

I tried knocking out the production cars but after the first row I had to bail a head over to the racecars. As an introduction they had one of each JGTC race GTR grouped together. If this had been the entire selection I would have left happy, but this was only the beginning.

My favorite car ever is the Calsonic R32, as far as I can remember back when I first saw it in Gran Turismo this has been it. I admit I must have blown a good portion of time just staring and studying it like it was a piece of art.

Ok, I had to keep moving and this was just the start of what they had on display in the racecar section. A whole row of RC Le Mans racers which were cool to see the progression each with its own description.

The next 3 rows were just crazy. The most epic R32 & R33 racecars, R32 Zexel and STP, R33 Pennzoil and a very rare R33 LM. Wow, I was not prepared for all this.

The next row was split between a group of rally cars, which were left in the condition that they completed their final races and were retired. Some of them were in rough but beautiful shape with dents, body panels missing and headlights hanging loose. It was really great to see these cars were kept in their natural state and not fully restored back to the mint condition like all the other cars in the collection.

Something else that was interesting was that each day they will pick a car and do an engine startup. When you select your day it'll tell you what car will be opened up and started up.

Over on the production car side I was in awe at how pristine all the cars were kept. Every car was spotless, they looked like they had just rolled off the production line and were delivered directly to the museum. With only 300 cars on display they didn't have every Nissan and Datsun ever but what they did have was seriously to die for.

Of course the Silvia's and GTR's were the most popular and admittedly that were I spent my time. If you want to see more coverage check out my YouTube vid walkthrough.

2 hours went by so fast and I will most definitely o back at least one more time in hopes that I will be better prepared to take it all in. Of all the things I did on this trip the Nissan Heritage Museum was one of the best and if you're a Nissan guy then it's a must see.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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