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Nismo Omori Factory - Yokohama

The Nismo Omori Factory is a Nissan lover's dream stop. Located in Yokohama not far from the Daikoku PA. Expect to spend a few hours just wondering around inside and checking out the cars that roll up.

I'll always wanted to stop by but for some reason or another I've always missed my chance to stop by. So this time in Tokyo I dedicated the start of one of my days to visit the Nismo Omori Factory. Make sure a verify what days they are closed before trying to visit.

I was so lucky that the weather held out just long enough until I was done. Starting off I was greeted by 2 R34 Skyline GTR's one being a vspec and while walking around admiring these two perfect examples one of the cleanest R34's was driven up and unloaded off of a flatbed.

Now all of this was even before walking in the front door. Once inside I was greeted by the typically small Japanese showroom, although the overall size is small the handful of cars on display are truly epic.

Remember this is a service shop and not just a showroom or a place to buy some Nismo parts. The entire interior wall is made of glass allowing you to see ever car they are currently working.

Wow, talk about epic. They had a 400r R33 on the lift a couple perfect R32's and a completely stripped R34 just to name a few.

So before leaving make sure a stop by the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom.

Like most shop spaces in Japan I was able to walk through and see all the cars in short order. But once back outside it once again like a cars and coffee meet. With different Nissan's rolling up and cruising through.

I took a few last pics before leaving of the garage space as the rain started getting a few killer pics as a customer picked up his freshly serviced R35.

The Nismo Omori Factory is a must see for any Nissan, Nismo, Skyline fan. Its a short trip from Tokyo and close to Daikoku PA along with ASM and a few other must see spots.

I'll have a vid up soon from my visit

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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