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JCCS - 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show

The 15th annual Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, Ca. As always it was hot out, the line to get in was down the block (they really need more security lanes) and super long waits at the handful of food trucks. But don't get me wrong the show is completely worth it. The venue is huge and able to handle all the cars on display and crowds of people with ease.

There were a few high quality Honda's at this years show. This minty ITR was a pristine example of the quality of the vehicles at this years show.

Mazda provided an impressive collection of vehicles, with old and new examples of their Rx7 and Miata's.

One of the few RHD cars that wasn't a Skyline was this eg6. Simple but very clean, with Wedsport wheels and Recaro seats.

A pair of well built Supra's, I'm surprised I didn't see more especially with Toyota having their new 2020 Supra on display.

No shortage of Skyline's at this years show (except for the R34) Its great to see all the different generations represented.

Now who remembers this Super Street Wings West Civic Si. This car put a big smile on my face I remember driving with this car on the Super Street Nopi Tour.

SR20det powered Datsun 510 next to a R30 Skyline.

This 1st gen Mugen CRX stole the show in the Honda paddock a perfect example of 80's tuning and style.

Autozam AZ-1. Its such a great example of the Japans Kei class car.

The 2020 Supra looks to be the next big car, I can't wait to see what all the tuners will have on display at SEMA next month and Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

I find that the Honda section to always be a little small for my liking the show is by far dominated by old Datsun's.

There were a handful of Hakosuka examples, both 2dr and 4dr. This was one had an RB26DETT stuffed under its hood.

The was an impressive group of vendors selling everything from Hot Wheels to Dry Carbon Steering wheels. Parked next to the Greddy text was their own Pandem Rx7.

A very clean Spooned themed EG6

Race prepped, K swapped Integra.

Fresh r33 in the middle of a group of other Skylines

Race prepped 2dr Hakosuka.

Its hard to believe that the Rx7, Supra and NSX are all classics. I can't wait for the RHD imported versions to start dominating this show.

Everything Else. Enjoy


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