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Japan - Tokyo Auto Salon and Much More

Just arrived back in the US after an epic trip in Japan, what a way to start off 2020. This trip was to attend the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, to visit shops the PA's and to drive around enjoying what Japan has to offer.

I spent over the week and half in Japan, over which time I was able to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon, Type One (Open House), Seeker, the STI Gallery, Nissan Heritage Museum, Nismo and much more.

For the next few of weeks I will be posting on each of the locations that I was able to visit. I was lucky enough to check off multiple bucket list location while on this trip.

I will also be posting on my rental car experience where I rented 2 different tuned cars, where I was able to enjoy driving the elevated highways to the PA's and country side to Hakone and around Mt Fuji.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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