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I Heart Honda Festival

The I Heart Honda Festival sponsored by Spoon Sports held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. Spoon Sports had a handful of their demo cars on display. It was my first time seeing in person their S2000 with its tiered roof. Very interesting.

Spoon Sports brought a trailer full of parts, goods and etc. that they were selling along with the opportunity to get Ichishima Tatsuru signature. Other Vendors like HKS and Hondata were on also hand selling everything. Hondata had a never ending line of Type-R Civic's lined up to get a reflash or custom tune.

It was great to see how popular Honda's new Type-R really is. Multiple rows of color coordinated CTR's were on display.

TE37's, Spoon brakes, Carbon goodies and fresh paint on this minty old school Civic hatch.

DC5 sitting between two 10th gen Civic's with it's wide fenders, roll cage, headlight covers and front splitter race setup. Check out all the venting on the hood.

The S2k owners came out to represent at this years show. The variety of builds, wide front, wide rear, wingless so many different styles to see.

Eye candy everywhere and some of it for purchase like the J's racing wheels, including the limited edition yellow and suede Type-F 69 wheel.

A couple times throughout the day Spoon Sports including Ichishima Tatsuru took all their demo cars out for a couple hot laps around the circuit. It was great to be able to these cars flexing their true purpose and not just sitting on display looking pretty.

The man, President and Owner of Spoon Sports Ichishima Tatsuru prepping for a demo run

Its great to see the never ending evolution of tuning and building of projects cars. This CRX always has something new. A extremely well thought out and executed build.

Sometimes simple works best. This EG on Mugen NR10R with a few carbon accents. Done

As always had to take a walk through the parking lot to see what prime examples were hiding. There were a few really solid ITR, CTR and S2000's and a new stock Supra.

FD2 swapped front end.

I hope the Itasha scene continues to grow in the US. I always enjoy seeing these when I'm in Japan.

JDM front ends always look more natural then their US versions. The show outside of being an extremely windy day was outstanding. Hopefully Spoon Sports will continue to put on this show.

I Heart Honda but especially the CRX.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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