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Honda Super Meet - 2019

Its already 90 degrees in Socal but that didn't stop the Honda crews from coming out. The Honda Super Meet in LA was on the top floor of the garage at the Peterson Automotive Museum. The Peterson Museum does well to help support the car culture and provides a solid event venue.

S2000's were everywhere and thankfully no two were the same.

This was a true JDM RHD DC2 and a perfect specimen of the cars that we are able to get from Japan (as long as you have the money). I'm sure this one will make someone very happy.

The NSX was reppin strong. This Honda will always be a classic, hopefully Honda will find a way to go back to its 90's roots and bring some of that soul into their new cars.

Clean Ej with a single cam with a big Comp turbo.

Next year I hope even more Honda's come out, enough to fill the upper deck .

The Peterson Museum never disappoints with the events it allows on its property.

Everything Else. Enjoy


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