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Honda Collection Hall - Twin Ring Motegi

The Honda Collection Hall located at the Twin Ring Motegi race circuit is a Honda lovers dream come true.

With 3 floors displaying some of the best Honda vehicles ever produced or raced.

On the first floor you are greeted by a 1963 Honda S500, a racecar, a moped and an early motorcycle. The best view is from above on the second or third floor from the stairwell

I won't lie, I ran up the stairs and headed to the second floor which is the production vehicle level where I knew I fine the Type-R's located.

Now there was a lot more to see then just the Type-R's, with a few other interesting cars and trucks, like the Beat, Del Sol and of course the Honda City with a Motocompo

Skipping ahead to the third floor they have their race vehicles, which was a perfect example of your Gran Turismo dream garage.

Now what I wasn't prepared for and very surprised by was the other half of both the second and third floors that housed Honda's motorcycles both their production (second floor) and race bikes (third floor).

Not to missed on the first floor was a brief history and introduction... I guess you should start here and the gift shop. Be prepared to spend some yen in the gift shop as I stopped at a few t-shirts, mircofiber cloths that looked more like art work and a few smaller items.

The Honda collection hall was a solid 2hr drive each way from where I was staying in Tokyo, but it was so worth it to see all the mint examples from Honda's history in either 2 or 4 wheel versions its a must see.

This is definitely a bucket list stop for anyone wanted to see examples of Honda's history of iconic cars.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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