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Hakone and Driving around Mt. Fuji

So as you know I rented a couple cars while I was in Japan for this years Tokyo Auto Salon. Getting around cities in Japan is super easy with how extensive their train system is, it really is very easy and cheap to get almost anywhere with their mass transit system.

But once you're done with the typical tourist locations or just want to get away from the city and visit other harder to reach locations it time to rent a car. Sure there are tour buses you can take that will bring you near and around Mt. Fuji, but really nothing beats just going for a drive.

The Hakone area is a must see, a must drive location. You might recognize a few spots in Hakone from Youtube vids form Toyo Tires, Initial D or the new manga MF Ghost. The Hakone Turnpike or Toyo Tire Pass (name has changed a couple times) is a toll road that spans 13km from the entrance to the observation deck/parking area.

There are a couple places to stop and take pics or hangout along the way and at the top there is a large parking lit where cars and bikes hangout and let their vehicles cool down before heading back out onto the touge roads. I went up during the week so the parking area was nearly empty except for a lonely Liberty Walk GTR that pulled up to enjoy the view.

The Hakone Turnpike is a great starting point for a day of driving around Mt. Fuji (if the weather is permitting) and for me it turned out to be a perfect day with perfect weather and views of Mt. Fuji. I spent the day driving to each of the lakes that encircle Mt. Fuji, stopping at specific viewing points or Shrines along the way.

One of my favorite things in Japan is the random encounters where I come across cars like a Liberty Walk GTR or a spotless Type-R Civic. The country side in Japan is absolutely gorgeous with breathtaking views. I was able to navigate around Mt. Fuji using google maps and a few saved points.

With a little pre-planning, Japan has the some of the best roads. From its elevated highways to its famous touge roads Japan has it all. It was an epic day and outside of losing my drone it was a perfect day full of unforgettable memories.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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