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Greddy / Royal Origin 2019 Car Meet

The close out for the 2019 car show year for me was the 2nd Annual Royal Origin Car Show and Food Drive hosted by Greddy Performance in Irvine, CA. This is one of my favorite shows to attend with its laid back cars and coffee feel, it feels like your meeting up with old friends for the holiday.

Like last year the show had a solid variety of vehicles lined up in Greddy's parking lot. Now as cool as the selection was in the parking lot, the show for me is actually on the main road and the adjacent parking lots. This is where everyone attending the show park their own cars and on percentage the cars that are driven to the show are high quality.

This year Greddy once again opened its doors to its showroom showing off and selling products. This year they added a virtual "Time Attack" event. Letting everyone race the famous Tsukuba Circuit for what ended up as a first place trophy created out of one of theor race steering wheels (very cool trophy)

I was happy to see a few SEMA cars at the show like this Toyota Cressida and the KW s13.

There were a couple of RHD drive vehicles at this years show including 2 s15 Silvia's.

The Pandem Rx-7 is one of my favorite cars. The more I see it, the more I love this build. No crazy LS swaps here, just a very clean, tuned FC3S Rx-7 and no matter how many times I see this car I can never find any faults in the build.

Just like the Pandem Rx-7 this r32 GTR is just perfect and pure JDM. No matter if you're a fan or if you think that the Skylines are played out, its hard to hate when you see such a clean build.

From the mild exterior of the r32 to a full on race r35 sporting a Bensopra kit.

The Royal Origin Car Meet and Food Drive is not only a great event but also for a great cause. Donating canned food items for those less fortunate during the holiday season. It was great to see people pull up and drop off car loads worth of food.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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