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Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow Raceway

Still a grassroots starting point for those heading towards "Professional" racing. Now there are multiple avenues that can be taken for those that want to race Professionally. For those with the time an money (lots) Time Attack style racing is a great way to show off and test wrong driving stills. For those that son't know Time Attack Races are not wheel-to-wheel competitive events but a race against the clock and the time put down by other competitors within the same class.

GTA or Global Time Attack is one of a few organizations that have emerged in the last couple of years to host these very well run events that are held at tracks across the the US.

For this specific event which was held at Buttonwillow Raceway in CA was the session closer for the 2022 year.

Unlike the big racing entities like Indy, Formula 1 and the like. Time Attack events have a much smaller grassroots feel where the you still have access to the teams and drivers who regularly are hanging out between outings and are available to talk with and who are very much still a regular person. Now that's not to say these teams aren't sometimes working their ass off when there is a problem with their vehicle that needs to be fixed before the next round.

On this day I spent most of my time just walking through the paddock area, peaking in on the garages, the teams and their cars. For me this is my favorite type of event and one I hope to be able to participate in soon (fingers crossed)

As each each of the runs groups lined up and headed out for their opportunity to lay down the fastest lap possible I would head up into the tower for a better vantage point and watch the cars come flying down the front straight.

If you can't tell I really enjoy being out and around the racetrack and of course on it. Hopefully soon I'll be back out and if I'm lucky running against these guy soon.

If you's like to see more from the day, check out my Vlog on Youtube


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