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Vtec Club - Taking 3rd Place with Club Racer at The Streets of Willow

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

For myself and Project 71-109 this was our first real competitive track event. Earlier in the year we had a failed attempt having to leave that event early but for todays Vtec Club event with Club Racer everything just clicked.

Both the car and myself were as prepared as we could be, including the last minute addition of an APR wing which arrived an hour before I was suppose to leave for the event.

Everything about the event seemed to go perfect, at least for me. Temps and track conditions, it all just felt right and it showed in my track times. Now this wasn't my first time at The Street of Willow but it was my first time running its Clockwise (CW) format. I'll admit that I did find the CW direction to be more fun.

The turn out for these Vtec Club track events is huge. The event sells out in the matter of hours once posted. Lucky for me I was able to secure a spot and take the day off of work to compete. The competition is crazy and it doesn't matter what class you're in there are a lot of very fast drivers.

Project 71-109 is now in the A2 class which allows for additional downforce along with a bunch of other qualifying mods that make the class very competitive. My first session out was spent learning the new direction, the second session was all about brake zones and building speed. Now when it come to the 3rd and 4th sessions these were all out and I watched my times drop by 0.5 second on each session. After the 4th session I checked the leader boards to see how I was matching up and found I was within a couple tenths of placing in the top 3.

With the opportunity to run one final session I figured I would just go flat out. I had a K-swapped mr-s that I got to play with, which helped me find a little time through the tight sections, cause his car was just mobbing through those corners and forced me to push the s2k even harder. I think I ended up sliding my car through almost every corner, dealing with the A052s understeering on the entries and oversteering on the exits. It made for a fun run to say the least.

I honestly didn't even know I had placed and was fully surprised when my name was called at the end and was awarded 3rd place in my class.

There were so many fast Honda's and Honda powered cars at the event. The day was dominated by the hatchbacks, the EG, EK and EF chassis were just pure speed. With a CRX setting an absolutely blistering 1.19 for the day. Which is just an insane time.

I can't say enough for how well the event went and was organized and I can't wait to attend and compete at the next Vtec Club event by Club Racer.

Placing at this event with all these other fast drivers has helped me focus on my goals of making Project 71-109 more competitive and getting more seat time at all the surrounding SoCal tracks. I can't wait for my next track day and to continue dialing in the s2k. I'm going to close it out with a track photo courtesy of Caliphotography

I've got a couple parts to install before my next track day. Going to try and keep my brake temps down by installing some APR brake ducts and its also time to upgrade the clutch with a lighter flywheel and stronger pressure plate. So stayed tuned for more track day fun in Project 71-109.

All the on track pics of Project 71-109 were taken by Caliphotography

Everything Else... Enjoy!!


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