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Eibachtoberfest - Automotive Industrial Art

What at first appeared to be a small Euro show in Eibach's parking lot turned out to be much more. For the show, Eibach opened its factory doors and once inside it end up being one of the best shows I've attended at Eibach.

A perfect blend of industry and art. The factory provided a perfect raw industrial backdrop for the randomly scattered Euro's throughout.

I was happy to see the e30 dominating the BMW's at the show.

Eibach provided full access throughout their factory along with personnel demonstrating how they made certain suspension components.

Perfect examples of differently tuned Porsche's

I had to take a minute at Bisimoto's 930. This was the first time seeing his car in person. The car is truly a piece of art.


This Renault took me by surprise, its was great to listen to the owner talk about his car and answer everyone's questions.

Again, there were multiple e30's at the show and this M3 was perfectly sorted, mild modified example.

Walking around the parking lot had a few fun surprises like this wide bodied example

Overall it was a great show and my list for must see shows keeps growing.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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