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Eibach - The Throwback II


The Throwback II @ Eibach's Headquarters is all about pre2000 (Import and European) cars. Walking in, greeted by an NSX and a Supra at the entry gate I knew I was in for a good show.

The next cars directly in front of the entrance and perfectly framed under Eibach's sign was Bisi's civic 2 ITR's and a perfect EG hatch.

This Prelude was beautiful displaying a full array of ARC parts under the hood and a very trick looking Amuse license plate holder.

The CRX will always have my heart and this example couldn't have been cleaner. Notice it even has the foglight covers.

Even though this show was dominated by imports, the European examples that were on hand more then made up with their quality. I can't remember the last time I saw an 850 BMW.

Everything Else, Enjoy!


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