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Daikuko Futo - The Never Ending Car Show Part 2

I wish I had left myself more time to hang out at the PA but with how packed my schedule was I was happy just to have had the time I did I each night before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Diakoku is the never ending car show, no matter what time you go there is always something cool to see. On previous trips I was able to make time during the day and its interesting how many people just roll through to either meet up with friends or just take a quick break before heading off to where ever.

There is a cars and coffee feel with everyone open to talk or show off whatever they've rolled up in. I could completely spend my entire trip just chillin at the PA's and on this trip I planned for the PA to be my final stop of the night, if it was busy I would run around attempting to take pic's and vid's. I say attempt since its so hard to get clean pics.

On a couple nights it was slower with a handful of different groups coming out to just chill and meet up before heading out. On those nights I would shoot what was there go back to my rental and sort through the day pics and prep for my next post and as more cars rolled up I would do it again until it was time to head home.

One of the interesting thing about the PA is you never know whats going to roll up. In the pic below you have a Lambo a stock two-tone s13 and a Mustang. Hows that for variety.

In some cases the cars were super rare or different like the R33 400r or the Alfa 4c.

Daikoku Pa is a bucket list stop, if you are anywhere Tokyo do yourself a favor, rent a car and enjoy yourself. While you're in the area you'll be able to knock out the Nismo Omori Factory, ASM and a handful of other places on the same day.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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