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Daikoku Futo PA

Daikoku PA is the ultimate never ending cars and coffee. It doesn't matter when you visit there is always something cool to see.

Daikoku PA is located in in Yokohama and is only a short trip down from Tokyo. Now the biggest challenge in visiting Diakoku Futo is getting there. The only real way to get there is by car or that is by renting a car. Best excuse ever to drive while in Japan.

You can check out my other posts on renting a car and driving around Japan. It really is a purely epic experience driving to all your favorite spots while in Japan and it makes seeing the harder to reach areas so much easier to get to.

During this trip to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon I rented 2 cars so visiting the PA was a nightly thing and once you map out and visit Daikoku the other PA's in the area will be relatively easy to get to, especially if the cops decide to shut down Daikoku.

One of the nights the cops did shut down the entire PA by driving up and down each row, clearing out everyone out one car at a time. Whats interesting is there is actually a police station located within the PA.

Like a lot of places in Japan and around Tokyo the Daikoku PA is a must see and completely worth the cost of a rental car just to visit. Now there are plenty of other places to go to and do around Yokohama so visiting the PA multiple times even within the same day is easy.

I planned my PA visits as the last stop on the way back to my hotel each night. Over the five days I had my rental cars I stopped by each night, hung out and just enjoyed whoever decided to roll up.

The first few nights out were over the TAS weekend and the turn out was crazy with everything from Lambo's to Civic's coming out to meet up and chill.

One of my favorite parts of the PA is that Daikoku is encircled by these elevated highways which provides the perfect symphonic stage for vehicles to announce their arrival. You're able to hear their exhausts scream, the down shifts and blow off valves as everyone comes and goes.

The only downside preventing pure nirvana comes from if you are attempting to shoot high quality pics at night. Its so hard to get clean, high res pics and vids from the lack of lighting in the parking area and the flood lighting in the background.

On a couple nights the turn out was slim but their was always a group that met up and hung out. One night it was a whole group of MR2's, another night it was a group of Type-R Honda's.

Most nights I would chill for 2 or 3 hours at the PA and just shoot whoever dropped by.

If you're in Tokyo, look into renting a car and head out to Diakoku you won't be disappointed.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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