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Cars and Coffee - Anaheim, CA

More than just another cars and coffee meet, this get together is hosted by Cars and Coffee Classics of Anaheim. Held on the first Sunday of the each month typically with a theme or group of cars taking up the main drive.

The event is very well organized with the spaces filling before the 730am start time. I arrived late around 745am and ended up having to park a couple blocks down the street. Next time I'll make sure and be there by 7am.

Today's event had a huge turnout of e30 BMWs and Datsun 510s.

There is always an eclectic mix of interesting vehicles. From RHD to classic muscle cars there is a little of everything to see.

There were a few really nice and unexpected motor swaps. The 240s showed up strong with everything from a turbo LS swap to a couple with RB skyline motors and not to be outdone the e30 with a 2jz was another perfect example.

The thing I found that sets this Cars and Coffee apart is it feels more like a full-on organized car show and the quality of the car is incredible. Most of the cars were fully built and done, I've have nothing against those guys that bring out there project car, hell that's where my cars spend most of their life. By the time I finish a car it's time to sell it and move on.

A few of the RHD's that turned out.

I enjoy maturity of the show, no revving or burnouts and the cops seem to leave everyone alone. With so much to look and shoot I might have to break this show into 2 parts but we'll see how it goes next time.

Until next month.

Everything else. Enjoy!!


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