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Car and Coffee Classics - A SoCal Favorite w/ Video Walkthrough Bonus

The first Sunday of each month Cars and Coffee Classics host a very organized car show (Cars and Coffee) in Anaheim, CA. If you're wanting to attend and also park within the show you better get here early. With a starting time of 8am, you'll find by 7:30am all of the parking in normally full with many of the late arrivals having to find overflow areas to park in.

Each month there is a theme ranging from JDM to something more specific like Datsun's.

This month had a JDM theme and I was not disappointed with some of my favorite RHD examples showing up along side of some other iconic Japanese car. Needless to say Project 71-109 fit in just fine.

I still wish my paint and a few other details were complete before taking it to shows but that's how life goes for my project cars.

Going through there were plenty of really nice cars, a few NSX's and even a RHD drive Supra showed along with an entire group of Mini's, which was great. They're such a fun little car.

I didn't spend a ton of time this time having a couple things that I had to take care of but that's what great about a Cars and Coffee meet, since most finish up early allowing me to get a car fix in and still be home before bunch.

From what I overheard the Datsun was hand painted and I have to say I loved it. It had just the right of patina. If I owned this car I would be super proud of how good this car looked.

I was extremely happy to see a Skyline Hakosuka, at a price equal to a mint R34 its kinda like seeing a unicorn.

I definitely made my mind up that my next car will be a RHD so I was good to see all these beautiful JDM examples. Since Project 71-109 is getting to the point where it more of a dedicated track car vs a daily driver I need to start shopping for a new daily. Any guesses at what I want next

After taking a couple laps through enjoying all the different cars and getting all the pics I needed I grabbed my GoPro and did a final quick walkthrough before heading out. Here is my walk through. Enjoy!!

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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