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Azusa Cruise - Out With The New Fam

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

There is no doubt that a new job will bring new challenges. But one positive advantage of a job working within the automotive industry is that everyone I work with is into cars, driving and just about anything automotive.

On to my new fam, with an eclectic mix of personalities and cars there is always a fun time to be had and living in SoCal enables our bi-weekly meetup and drives. There seems to be an almost endless number of locations to drive, be it a canyon drive, a cruise on PCH or a meetup with other like minded enthusiast there always something to do. On this weekend we met up at 5am for a quick drive through Azusa's canyon road.

Hanging out at the top of the run while we let the cars cool down we were greeted by a few bikers that came out for a little fun. With everyone taking a quick breather before heading back down the road I was able to snap a few quick shots. This time out we were able to get in a few runs in before the road started to get crowded. One good thing about heading out so early is by the time we were done and headed home it wasn't even time for lunch and you still have the rest of the day for whatever. For me I usually get home and do minor tweaks on the car.

This Miata looking like it meant business cruised up with its impressive chassis mount wing. After a quick chat with the owner I found that the car was built in his garage . A super light weight chassis with a little extra power supplied by a custom turbo setup. What a fun little runner, I'm sure the car was really able to attack all the canyon's tight corners.

There is something about a chassis mounted wing that just does it for me.

Until things start to open back up these cruises will have to do. The Azusa Canyon was a fun drive with its series of tight corners, shorts straights and its multiple places to pull off the road take pics.

Everything Else.. Enjoy!!


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