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Shop Tour - WRTeknica Open House

Starting the year off with a bang WRTeknica opened its all new shop. WRTeknica relocated to an absolutely gigantic new shop. I've never been to a shop that had so much space and that was so well laid out.

Walking in it was hard to take in everything and I'm not even talking about the cars that were on display but the sear size and layout. There was a dedicated bay for the alignment rack, two full driving lanes that could be used to enter and exit the shop and storage racks for 12 cars stacked 3 high.

Even with all the cars on display there was still plenty of room for people to roam, take pics and just hangout. Outside there was overflow into the adjacent parking lots with APR next door loaning out their parking spaces. The quality of cars outside were almost as incredible and what was on display inside the shop. I say almost because there were a few cars that I was in awe over.

One of those special cars was the R32 by Garage Active, which I had previously seen at this year's SEMA Toyo Treadpass area . This time though I was able to take a deeper look at just how impressive the build quality was. Every piece of carbon and the whole car is carbon, every piece fits perfectly. The carbon weave matches as it goes from one panel to the next. I've seen full carbon vehicles but nothing like this.

From one carbon car to the next displayed on the alignment rack was another carbon car. The 935 Porsche was so interesting. I had to keep going back and each time I did I saw a new detail. Between the R32 and the 935 I could have been done but there was so much more to look at.

WRTeknica is known for their track presence. Every time I went to the track they were there. Whether they were testing and tuning one of their own vehicles or there to offer full track support for one of their customers cars.

So a lot of what was on display were fully track prepped vehicles, not the, I like to drive my high end exotic fast but those that are fully committed to the track life and a fully prepped track car. Of course they work on daily driven cars too.

Walking in through the front door I was greeted by an Aerial Atom, MV Agusta, Ducati and a Ginnetta race car along with a full race sim setup. The front office area was really fun and again well laid out with a couple display cases with everything from products to helmets.

Back in the shop they had a couple full race prepped Ferrari's and a line of Porsches and a Vettte receiving track goodies from JRZ coilovers and brake upgrades.

Like I was saying, out side was just as much fun as what was inside. I could have spent all day and then some. Hopefully WRTeknica will have another open house soon.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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