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Angeles Crest Highway - A Day Out on ACH

There are numerous twisty and canyon roads to drive in SoCal. Arguely one of the most popular outside of Mulholland Drive is Angeles Crest Highway or ACH for short. ACH is a great morning drive with plenty of lookout points for to get some shots of your car or to let your brakes cool down.

There is always something cool to see on ACH from sportsbikes to hypercars you'll see it all. Today was no different, while shooting my car I could hear the distinctive exhust notes of different exotics as they approached.

ACH is a great road to just take a drive, test out a new car or upgrade. Typically the hangout or cool down point is at Newcombs Ranch but at the time their were still restrictions and social distancing requirements in effect so the normally bustling parking lot was uncommoningly empty with only a couple small groups of friends that cruised together making a quick stop before heading back out.

For me it was great to get out and enjoy the road and test out all the suspension and brake upgrades on my car. I also took the opportunity to test out my new camera (which I'm still getting used to).

So normally I'm so busy driving or just shooting other peoples cars I don't get a real good chance to take my time a shoot my own car and with everything I've been doing on it it was nice to be able to take my time and take some photos at a couple different locations with the the new camera.

It was great to go out and get some fresh air after being cooped up in the house for so long. With things headed back in the right direction we'll hopefully be back to our car shows and events but until then stay tuned for more drives like this.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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