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2020 Tokyo Auto Salon - Part 2

Part 2 of my 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon coverage is a great chance of me to look back and enjoy what was one of the greatest shows I've ever attended. Now it wasn't the first time I've attended TAS so I thought I knew what to expect and what I would see. But I was wrong, it was so much better.

Just like the SEMA show the new Supra was everywhere but one of the great thing about TAS is that the tuners hold true to the classics. The cars that are ageless, like the Rx7 or the Silvia (pick one) or any of the skylines and of course the MK4 Supra.

Now of course, all the new car were represented at the show with the tuning companies offering a little something for everyone. One thing I failed to realize was that a lot of tuners would be selling their goods, taking orders and etc.

I wanted to take a quick look at things from a tourist point of view or if it was going to be your the first time going. First what you need to expect are the huge crowds, there is an insanely ridiculous amount of people and if you're trying to take photo's, pack your patients also expect to spend the entire day walking around. Its almost impossible to see everything in just one day so be prepared to come back the next day and do it all over again.

There were so many companies showing off their new parts or prototypes and so many new releases at the from Work, Enkei and Advan it'll be great once all these wheels start hitting the US market.

For me I really enjoyed seeing the all the vehicles from Liberty Walk and what new parts are for sale from tuner companies like RE Amemiya, URAS and numerous others.

The UpGarage booth was huge and completely full of used parts for sale, from exhausts to full sets of wheels and tires.

There is something special in the way that the Japanese tune and modify their cars. There is this carefree sense where they don't worry about what others think. They just do it for themselves the way they want and like.

This is something over the years that I've adopted, where I build my cars for me, the way I like, not trying to chasing the current trend.

Its hard not walking around in awe throughout the entire show. You'll see a Pandem or Liberty Walk Lambo sitting next to an S13 and both perfectly fit in, neither looking out of place.

Like I said the new Supra was in everyone's booth with a majority of performance companies showing off all their new parts for the car. No matter if you like the car or not, its great to see the aftermarket showing its support.

If you have the opportunity to attend TAS do it. This is a bucket list show that is open to the public, unlike the SEMA Show which is industry only. Travelling around Tokyo is super easy with very pre-planning needed.

There is plenty more coverage from my 2020 trip to Japan coming, full of more epic shop tours, automotive museums visits and lots more.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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