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Vid - Track Day Fun - Streets of Willow Springs - Session 3

Here is a clip of my 3rd session in project 71-109. This was a twilight event hosted by Extreme Speed at The Streets of Willow Springs. Both of my GoPro's cut out before the end of the session but I was able to capture most of the session. I found once I turned off the VSA I was really able to push the car harder. With the VSA on, the car would brake and cut power to try and adjust. On my 3rd session and with VSA turned off I was able to run very consistent lap times, all in the 1.34 range with one 1.33. Which for my first time out in the S2k I was very happy with those times. At this point of the project I've installed a set of Ohlins coilovers and have upgraded the stock brakes with a more aggressive pad.


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