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Farewell Drive - Bittersweet

The shoot took place around the Long Beach area. For me this was a perfect time to say goodbye to one of my favorite cars I've owned. This would be the last time I drove Project 71-109 and the night couldn't have gone better.

Special thanks to Nafty and Etlux

There's nothing better then being able to work through a project to completion. Being able to bring my vision to life. For those that have followed the build of Project 71-109 you'll know what my plan was and also why I stopped where I did.

For Me Project 71-109 was a modern creation of the Initial D's God Arm s2000.

The s2k had always been one of the cars I wanted to build. I always wanted a fun light weight RWD car. I'm sure many will argue that the Miata would have been just as fun but for me I came from the Honda side of things owning a ton of different Honda's over the years.

One of the reasons I was ok with selling the S2k was that I was able to sell it to a good friend who I know will take good care of the car. I knew it was time for me to move on to the next project and it helped a ton that the S2k went to a good home.

I've always owned, driven and raced a momentum car. The underpowered, underdog that's surprising fast because I would drive with the throttle slammed to floor the entire time. Gone are those days, its now time for a high HP car, a sledgehammer

It's time for Project SHINIGAMI


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