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Vid - Battle at Streets of Willow CCW

After months of trash talking we finally got to pit our cars against each other. The battle was between a tuned 335i BMW (on Proxes slicks) and Project 71-109 my almost stock AP2 S2000 (Ohlins, Street Tires). On paper we were really close for lap times, on the track you can see where each car has its advantage.

After clearing some traffic we had our chance. The results were a solid pass by my buddy ( his car is fast) but after a couple corners he went into a corner a little hot which resulted in a spin and an off, this ended our friendly challenge. Thankfully his car wasn't damaged when it went off track.

It's time to address a couple parts on both our cars and schedule another track day challenge to see who has the faster setup, continuing our friendly rivalry. Next month I'll be heading out to Laguna Seca to get a little more seat time and test out a couple upgrades.

My buddy gave me his GoPro footage providing views from both of cars as we battled to see who could put down the fastest time. For some reason my helmet cam didn't record this session. I had issues with both my GoPro's on this track day. Thankfully my rear mounted GoPro recorded this session.



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