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Up Garage - Used Parts Candy Store

What could be better then walking through row after row of used performance parts just waiting for its next owner. Up Garage in Yokohama was a car parts heaven with a little something for everyone.

Up Garage is a place where you can get your vehicle serviced, trade in your old parts or shop for used parts for your vehicle.

I was amazed at the selection of parts that they had on display like these r35 brakes off of a GTR.

The suspension and exhaust section was by far the largest with a huge selection to pick from. I was surprised at the amount of highend coilovers from Blitz, A'pexi and Tein. I found that most of the parts on display were for the newer cars. Although if you look at there online store they did have parts for the older Honda's and etc.

On the 3rd floor they had bumpers and other exterior parts with a few special pieces like this Miata hardtop. Some of the bumpers were extremely cheap. But i'm sure you'd have to make consistent trip to try and find the more rare or older car parts

On the second floor they had their waiting area and the motorcycle section. I was impressed with the amount of bike parts they had with everything from fairings to front forks. There really was a huge selection in the section too.

Gas tanks and fairing and most of the parts were inexpensive.

and just like in the car section they had plenty of exhausts on display

Off to the side of the main building is their wheel and tire service center. I was super excited to hunt through the 2 floors of wheels they had on display.

All the top names were for sale. From the Volk TE37, Work and Enkei's and as you can see the prices weren't bad at all. If you were in the market for either a single or a pair of wheels the prices on those were marked way down.

Up Garage like all of the places I stopped at in Japan was another place to just hangout and see who showed up. Now it was nothing compared to Daikoku PA but on the couple nights I stopped there was always something fun that stopped by with the owners hoping to find a new part for their ride.

I ended up being in the area a couple times so I stopped to just hang out before heading over to the PA. With Up Garage now coming to the US ( it'll be interesting what parts they import for us and how well the US used part market will work for them. It would be great if they could expand and have shop throughout the US.

Everything Else. Enjoy!!


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